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2019.07.28 【第三期英文俱樂部-學員結業心得】



I was very impressed with the topic about “Binge Watching & Hobby” in previous class. I was surprised that I had a chance to share my life experience deeply in the last class. --- Sharon

During the class discussion, we expressed our own opinion based on various topic, from an extremely serious issue like “corporal punishment” to the joyful “binge watching”. The design of the course includes not only the chance to speak English but the chance to speak out the specific against perspectives that I don’t have a chance to express before. --- Flora

My favorite part in the class is discussion, you always choose many different and interesting topics, such as corporal punishment and binge watching. When we share our opinion or try to defend our points, it’s a good way to practice listening, speaking and critical thinking skills at the same time. --- Jessie

I ‘m not good at discussing, so in the class, I tried to practice my listening skill to see how much I can understand. I’m so surprised that my classmates are very good at expressing their own ideas. ---家欣


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